List of NABL Accredited Calibration laboratories in India

List of NABL Accredited Calibration laboratories in India 2017 | LABGO
More calibration laboratories in India are nowadays are opting for accreditation as to provide reliable test results to the customers. Currently, there are around 750 NABL accredited calibration labs in India. These laboratories are providing quality of calibration services to many different industries.
NABL accredited calibration laboratories in India are providing calibration services for various testing and measuring instruments in the vast number of fields like temperature, pressure, vacuum, Time, mass, Noise, Airflow, and all special purpose instruments.
These laboratories provide services as per the client needs. Getting an NABL accreditation involves assessments, and re- assessments at regular intervals. Hence, NABL accredited calibration laboratories prefer skilled staff to ensure accurate calibration and measurement of instruments. Accredited laboratories ensure that the end customer can achieve better control and quality systems through their calibration services.
In an accredited laboratory, all the records of the calibration are required to be maintained carefully. Corrective actions are taken when the measuring instrument is found to be out of specification. All such calibrations are required to be traceable to the national as well as international standards.
Calibration laboratory having NABL certification have to meet the technical competence and management system requirements that are necessary to consistently deliver technically valid test results and calibrations.