Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology, Bihar

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About Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology, Bihar

Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & technology, established in 1968 which also provides academic, technology support and research for polymer and allied industries aims at ensuring quality and hence has established a well-equipped laboratory for testing purposes. The lab is located in Vaishali, Bihar. The lab provides chemical and mechanical testing facilities. The materials on which the chemical testing is performed are plastic and plastic products like UPVC pipes for portable water supplies, Polyethylene pouches for packaging liquid milk, Irrigation Equipment- Polyethylene Pipes for Irrigation Laterals Specification, CPVC Pipes for Portable Hot and cold Water Distribution supply, Rotational moulded Polyethylene water storage tanks etc., these materials undergo tests like Sulphated Ash Content, Vicat Softening Temp., Carbon Black Content, Migration Test, Resistance to Stress, Effect on Water Test and many more. Also the lab provides facility of mechanical testing and the plastic products which undergo this testing are Irrigation Equipment, Plastics Bottles, Fabricated PVC Fittings for Potable Water Supplies, Polyethylene Pouches for Packaging Liquid Milk, Low Density Polyethylene Films, Low Density Polyethylene Films and the tests performed on these materials are like Water Portability, Leakage Test, Dimension, Visual Appearance, Effect of Sunlight, Density, Tensile Strength and many more. The organization has achieved excellence in manpower to provide high quality services.