Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) ,Ahemdabad

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UPVC pipe for Portable Water Supplies, PVC Screen and casing Pipes for / Tube Well, UPVC Pipes for Soil and Waste Discharge System inside buildings including ventilation and Rain Water System, Injection Moulded PVC Fitting with Solvent Cement joints for Water Supplies Sewerage, High Density Polyethylene Pipes for Potable Water Supplied Seweage & Industrial Effluents, High Density Polyethylene for Moulding and Extrusion, Irrigation Equipments Polyethylene pipes for irrigation Lateral Irrigation Equipment Sprinkler Pipes Polyethylene, Irrigation Equipment Sprinkler Pipes, Quick Coupled Polyethylene, Rotational Molded Polyethylene Water Storage tank, Low Density Polyethylene Films, High Density Polyethylene Pipes for Portable Water Supplied, Polyethylene pipes for the supply of Gaseous Fuels, Pre- Laminated Particle Boards, Wood Particle Boards Medium Density, Medium Density Fiber Board PVC Flooring, Emitters (Dripper), MDPE Pipes for Supply of Gaseous Fuels, PPR Pipes for Hot and Cold Water, Plastics, Identification of Plastics, Rubbers, Leather safety Foot Wear, Fibre Testing, Yarn Testing, Fabric woven,

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About Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) ,Ahemdabad

The first ever Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) was established in Chennai by the government of India and United Nations Development Program, in the year 1968. Apart from Chennai, CIPET also has its branches in Hyderabad, Amritsar, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Balasore, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, and many other cities and districts of India. All the centers of CIPET have all the necessary modern infrastructure facilities and every equipment is constantly upgraded with time. The type of mechanical and chemical testing facilities that are offered at Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Ahmedabad is Stress Relief Test, Axial Shrinkage test, Carbon Black Content test, Melt Flow Index test, Resistance to Weathering test, Oxidation Induction Time test, Chlorine content, reversion test, opacity test, tensile strength test, specific gravity test, and much more.