Devansh Testing & Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

94, Shiv Ganga Industrial Estate, Lakeshari, Bhagwanpur, Roorkee, Haridwar, Uttaranchal, India, 247661



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Amikacin Sulphate (IP) Testing (Biological), Gentamicin sulphate (IP) Testing (Biological), Maize Starch (Pre- gelatinized Starch) Testing (Biological), Purified Water Testing (Biological), Whole Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Cream Testing (Biological), Butter Testing (Biological), Malted Milk Foods Testing (Biological), Dahi Testing (Biological), Milk Testing (Biological), Condensed Milk Testing (Biological), Milk Cereal Based Weaning Food Testing (Biological), Chocolates Testing (Biological), Corn flour Testing (Biological), Non Alcoholic Beverages(Juices) Testing (Biological), Carbonated beverages Testing (Biological),

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About Devansh Testing & Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

Devansh Testing and Research Laboratory is a commercial test house recognized by NABL, ISO and Drug Controlling and Licensing Authority of the state of Uttarakhand. The lab is enabled to facilitate state-of-the-art testing with the use of ultra-modern paraphernalia. Testing of aloepathic, ayurvedic, siddha, homeopathic and unani drugs and cosmetics and related raw materials, water, surgical items, disinfectants, food products, prebiotics, microbiological analysis and environmental analysis – all fall into the arena of this laboratory. The lab boasts of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, HPLC Auto Sampler, FTIR Spectrometer, Gas Chromatographer, UV-VIS Spectrometer and an innumerous range of high-end technology. The lab is affiliated to ISO and NABL.