AES Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

B-118,Phase-II,, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201304

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Scope of Accrediation
Structural Steel Testing, High Strength Deformed Steel Bars Testing, Cement Testing, Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate Testing, Concrete Testing, Bricks Testing, Bitumen Testing, Steel Tube Testing, Timber Testing, Water Proofing Compound Testing, Soil Testing, Granite Stone Testing, Paper Testing, Non Alcoholic Beverages(Juices) Testing (Biological), Herbs,spices and condiments Testing (Biological), Honey & Honey Products Testing (Biological), Sterilized Milk Testing (Biological), Ready to eat food Testing (Biological), Canned and processed food Testing (Biological), Cooked Food(Veg) Testing (Biological), Raw and processed fruits Testing (Biological), Raw and processed vegetables Testing (Biological), Maize Testing (Biological), Rice Testing (Biological), Nuts & Nuts Products Testing (Biological), Fish and sea foods Testing (Biological), Poultry and poultry products Testing (Biological), Egg and egg products Testing (Biological), Waste Water Testing (Biological), Swabs Testing (Biological), Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Water For Swimming Pool Testing (Biological), Water For Dialysis Testing (Biological), Water For Processed Food Testing (Biological), Water For Industrial Use Testing (Biological), Packaged Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Flavoured Milk Testing (Biological), Cream Testing (Biological), Butter Testing (Biological), Cheese Testing (Biological), Whey Products Testing (Biological), Burfi Testing (Biological), Panner Or Chnna Testing (Biological), Infant Milk Substitutes Testing (Biological), Whole Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Partially Skim Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Ice Cream Testing (Biological), Condensed Milk Testing (Biological), Liquid Milk, Milk Powder, Condensed Milk, Paneer, Cheese, Yoghurt, Ice-Cream, Edible Casein Product, Dairy Whitener, Butter, Whey Powder And Products, Ghee, Butter Oil Or Butter Fat, Khoa, Milk Permeates, Milk Concentrates, Cream, Oils,fats and related products, Oilseeds, Spices and Condiments, Saffron(Kesar), Turmeric, Asafoetida, Cumin , Mace (Jaipatri), Honey and Honey Products, Animal feed, Infant Milk Substitutes, Milk Cereal Based Complimentary Food, Fruits and vegetables products, Carbonated Beverages, Fruit Concentrates, Fruit Juices, Squashes, Nuts And Nut Products, Bakery and Confectionery products, Meat and meat products, Tea, Coffee, Chicory, Alcoholic Drinks-Whiskies, Chewgum, Ice Lolly, Chocolates, Refined Sugar, Raw Sugar, Jaggery, Mishri, Bura, Guar Gum, Water for swimming pool, Water for processed food industry, Construction Water Testing, Packaged Drinking Water(Other Than Mineral Water), Ambient Air Testing, Stack Emission Monitoring Testing, Noise Ambient and source testing, Effl