MAARC Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Plot no.1&2, GAT No. 27, Nanded Phata, Sinhagad Road, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411041




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Milk and Dairy Products Testing (Biological), Bakery & Confectionery Products Testing (Biological), Fruit & Fruit Products Testing (Biological), Vegetable and vegetable products Testing (Biological), Nuts & Nuts Products Testing (Biological), Herbs,spices and condiments Testing (Biological), Water For Processed Food Testing (Biological), Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Packaged Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Packaged Natural Mineral Water Testing (Biological),

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About MAARC Labs Pvt. Ltd.

MAARC labs is a Pune, Maharashtra based laboratory and testing centre which began its operation in the year 1996. The organisation mainly deals with quality assessment of sugar and sugar based by-products, water, agro-products, food, pesticides and environment. The tests conducted are basically of chemical and biological genre and asses the quality of product by determining the chemical content. The facility has a great range of equipment assembly with a special microbiology lab with laminar flow and biosafety cabinet setups. The organisation specialises in testing and analysis of sugar based products; which has to undergo three stages of testing; the first two being the aforementioned and the last one being boiler water test. Ensuring a high quality of service being delivered MAARC Labs is a name on the rise.