Bharat Test House Pvt. Ltd. Rai-Sonepat

No. 781 & 1474, HSIIDC Industrial Estate, Rai, Dist. Sonepat, Sonepat, Haryana, India, 131 001

0130 2367674

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Bharat Test House, Delhi
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PVC Insulated Cable For Working Voltages Upto 1100V Testing, XLPE PVC Sheathed Cables, Elastomer Insulated Cable Testing, Aerial Bunched Cables For Working Voltages Up To & Including 1100 V Testing, Motor Vehicle Cables, Winding Wires For Submersible Motors Testing, Short-Firing Cables Testing, Welding Cables, Polyvinyl Chloride Insulated Cables of rated Voltages, Power Cables With Extruded Insulation Testing For Rated Voltages Upto 30KV, Aluminium Conductors Testing, Household Electrical & Electronics Appliances Testing, Electric Iron Testing, Electric Immersion Water Heater Testing, Electric Radiator Testing, Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heater/Electric Instantaneous Water Testing, Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters Testing, Domestic Electric Food Mixer And Juicer Testing, Electric Ceiling Fan/Regulators/Fan Motors Testing, Single Phase Ac Induction Motors Testing, Electric Table Fan Testing, Self Ballasted Lamps For General Lighting Service Testing, Luminaires Testing, Tubular Fluorescent Lamps For General Lighting Service Upto 40 W Testing, Tungsten Filament Lamp Testing, Switches For Domestic Purposes/Plug & Socket Testing, Ceiling Roses Testing, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Insulating Tape Testing, Circuit-Breakers For Overcurrent Protection For Household And Similar Installations Testing, Frequency & Time Measurement Instruments,
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About Bharat Test House Pvt. Ltd. Rai-Sonepat

Bharat Test House provides testing services in the fields of Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Microbiological Testing as well as for Calibration. Presently the entity has excellent facilities in various fields of testing i.e IT & Electronics Products, Consumer Durable & Electrical Appliances/products, Food & Farm Products, Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Rubber & Polymers, Textiles & Paper, Metals & Alloys, Petroleum Products, Pesticides, Minerals & Ores, Paints & Varnishes, Water & Effluents, Building Materials, etc. In the electrical category, the organization performs the tests for Electric Water Heaters (Storage Type / Instantaneous), Heating Elements, Microwaves Ovens, Electric Irons (Dry & Steam), Ceiling Fans, Table Fans (including Pedestal & Wall Mounted), Exhaust Fans, Induction Cookers/Tops, Rice Cookers, Room Heaters, Hot Air Fans, Single Phase Electric Motors, Luminaires (General Purpose / Street Lighting), Immersion Water Heaters, Door Closers, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), Tubular Fluorescent Lamps (TFLs), LEDs, Capacitors, Wires & Cables etc. Bharat Test House is committed to provide quality service and thus hires qualified and experienced staff and provides the desired infrastructural facilities for the measurement system.