Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

E1-362, Sitapura Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 302022


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Scope of Accrediation
Whole Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Cream Testing (Biological), Butter Testing (Biological), Malted Milk Foods Testing (Biological), Dahi Testing (Biological), Milk Testing (Biological), Condensed Milk Testing (Biological), Milk Cereal Based Weaning Food Testing (Biological), Raw Milk Testing (Biological), Panner Or Chnna Testing (Biological), Guar Gum Testing (Biological), Chocolates Testing (Biological), Cardomom Testing (Biological), Coriander Testing (Biological), Chilli Testing (Biological), Turmeric Testing (Biological), Non Alcoholic Beverages(Juices) Testing (Biological), Carbonated beverages Testing (Biological), Packaged Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Body/Skin Cream Testing (Biological), Vitamin With Mineral Blends Testing (Biological), Ginger Extract Testing (Biological), Senna Extract Testing (Biological), Valerian Extract Testing (Biological), Multivitamin Tablets Testing (Biological), Multivitamin Capsules Testing (Biological), Maize Starch (Pre- gelatinized Starch) Testing (Biological), Crosscarmellose sodium Testing (Biological), Magnesim Stearate Testing (Biological), Microcrystalline Cellulose Testing (Biological), Lactose Testing (Biological),

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About Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Amol Pharmaceuticals is a well-known supplier of premium nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and has its operations based in Jaipur, India. It has three marketing and procurement offices located in Jaipur, Mumbai, and New Delhi. The parent company, US Pharma Lab, is headquartered out of North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. The entity focuses on custom manufacture ingredients and finished products for an international clientele, and is certified by the US FDA. As a global turnkey operation, Amol Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of packaging solutions. By effectively managing the development and manufacturing of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products that meet strict standards for compliance, Amol Pharmaceuticals is the right partner for those who need the best in formulation science.