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Scope of Accrediation
S.No. Instrument Name Range (to & from ) CMC (to & from )
1 Weight$ 1 mg To 2 mg 0.009 mg
2 Weights F1 Class$ 100 g To 100 g 0.06 mg
3 Weighing Balance Readability: 0.01 mg 0 g To 60 g 0.04 mg
4 Weighing Balance Readability: 0.1 mg 0 g To 200 g 0.07 mg
5 Weighing Balance Readability d= 1 mg 0 g To 400 g 0.9 mg
6 Weighing Balance Readability: 10 mg 0 g To 3000 g 0.09 g
7 Weighing Balance Readability 5 g 0 g To 100 kg 4.14 g
8 Micro Pipette $ 10 μl To 100 μl 0.21 μl
9 Burette /Pipette$ 1 ml To 100 ml 0.02 ml
10 Measuring Cylinder/Volumetric Flask/Container$ 50 ml To 2000 ml 0.03 ml
NOTE: All Symbols and their description

* : Meaurement Capability is expressed as an uncertainty (±) at a Confidence probability of 95 %

$ : Only in Permanent Laboratory

♣ : Only for Site Calibration

# : The laboratory is also capable for site calibration however, the uncertainty at site depends on the prevailing actual environmental conditions and master equipment used

Φ : Laboratory can also Caibrate instruments/devices of coarser resolution/ least count within the accredited range using same reference standard/ master equipment under the scope of accreditation

Accrediation valid upto

About Euro Calibration Technique

Euro Calibration Technique was established to develop calibration technique and provide quality calibration services to various clients who primarily need mechanical and thermal calibration services to improve their services and efficiency. The laboratory has latest tools, instruments as well as techniques to provide calibration services in the concerned area. It also has a dedicated workforce comprise of experts and professionals from the related area to provide the best services and results. For Thermal calibration (TEMPERATURE) it measures various machines or instruments such as Liquid-in-Glass Thermometer, Temperature Indicators with internal sensor, Bath / Oven / Freezer / Incubator / Furnace multi-position mapping, Indicator of Bath / Oven / Freezer / Incubator / Furnace at a single position. For Mechanical calibration ( MASS, VOLUME, ACOUSTIC, ACCELERATION & SPEED, PRESSURE) it measures Weights, Weighing Balances, Pipette / Burette Volumetric Flask, SOUND LEVEL METER, TACHOMETER, Vacuum Gauges, Pressure Gauges etc. It follows all the standards and norms and has NABL accreditation.