Vsix Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd.

#77 (502/503), 2nd Floor, 21st 'D' Cross, Muthurayaswamy Layout, Srigandhakaval, Sunkadakatte, Bangalore Rural, Karnataka, India, 560091

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Scope of Accrediation
Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Waste Water Testing (Biological), Potable water Testing (Biological), Water For Ice Testing (Biological), Water For Processed Food Testing (Biological), Water For Swimming Pool Testing (Biological), Packaged Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Packaged Natural Mineral Water Testing (Biological), Whole Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Ice Cream Testing (Biological), Herbs,spices and condiments Testing (Biological), Cocoa Products Testing (Biological), Tea Testing (Biological), Coffee Testing (Biological), Instant Coffee Testing (Biological), Fruit jams Testing (Biological), Fruit Squashes Testing (Biological), Ready to eat food Testing (Biological), Cooked Foods Testing Testing (Biological), Animal Feed Testing (Biological),

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About Vsix Analytical Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Vsix Analytical Lab, established in 2013 is an analytical testing laboratory which provides testing facilities in field of food, agriculture, environment etc. The lab is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The lab provides chemical testing on various materials like coffee and its by products including Roasted Coffee, Soluble Coffee Powder, Roasted Chicory Powder which undergo tests like Caffeine content, Total Ash, Moisture etc., tea which undergoes tests like Copper, Total ash etc., milk and dairy products including milk powder, ghee, ice-cream which undergo tests like Adulterants, Insoluble impurities, Milk Fat etc., Fruits and Vegetable Products like Tomato Ketchup which undergo tests like Alcohol Soluble extract, Benzoic acid etc., Animal feeds undergo tests like Crude Protein, Crude Fat etc., water undergoes tests like pH, odour, turbidity and many more. The lab also provides biological testing on various materials like water, tea, coffee, animal feeds etc. which undergo tests like Escherichia coli, Total bacterial count, Total microbial count, Standard plate count, Faecal coliform and many more. The lab is powered and well-equipped with highly trained and qualified professionals providing world class manpower to the organization. The organization aims at providing reliable and timely services.