Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Thane

Indian Corporation Complex Building, No.125, & 139, Opp, Gajanan Petrol Pump, Gundavali, Mankoli Naka, Bhiwandi,, Thane, Maharashtra, India, 421302




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Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
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About Reliable Analytical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Thane

Reliable Analytical lab, established in 1988 provides analytical testing services in various fields. The lab is located in Thane, Maharashtra. The lab conducts chemical testing on Fruits, Vegetables, dehydrated powders, Snacks, Instant Mixes and Convenience Products, Animal Feeds, milk & milk products, textile products, water, plastics etc., which undergo tests like Moisture, pH, Crude Fibre, Turbidity, Refractive Index, Colour Migration, Stability, Blend Composition of different fibres present and many more. The lab conducts biological testing on materials like water including waste water, packaged water, textile products, food & agricultural products like cereals, beverages, milk & milk products, salt etc. undergo tests like Mould count , E. coli (Isolation), Yeast & Mould, Coliform, Faecal Streptococci, Vibrio cholera, Salmonella and many more. The lab also conducts mechanical testing on materials like textile & garments, Container for Packing of Natural Mineral Water, Polyethylene Flexible Pouches, High Density Polyethylene Pipes for Water supply etc., which undergo tests like Wall thickness, Elongation at break, Stitch Density in Knitted fabrics, Tensile Strength, Bursting Strength, Seam Failure and many more.