Regional Pesticides Testing Laboratory

T-2, Ratan Lal Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, 208022



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Insecticides-Alpha Methrin EC, Insecticides-Carbo Furon CG, Chlorpyriphos+ Cypermethrin Ec, Cypermethrin Ec, Dimethoate Ec, Ethion Ec, Endosulfan Ec, Fenvalerate Ec, Imidacloprid Sl, Zinc coated Articles, Methyl Parathion Ec, Triazophos Ec, Atrazine Wp, Isoproturon Wp, Metribuzin Wp, Pretilachlor Ec,
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About Regional Pesticides Testing Laboratory

Regional Pesticides Testing Laboratory was setup in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to keep a check on the amount of pesticides being produced in the region and also the quality of the pesticides being produced. The laboratory is a public sector laboratory so it has ample funds to match the global standards of testing of pesticides. The Regional Pesticides Testing Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so meet the internation and national standards which is quintessential for a laboratory of this standards. The services offered by the Regional Pesticides Testing Laboratory are well acclaimed and cater to the needs of mainly agricultural industries. Some of the services offered are chemical testing of insecticides-alpha methrin ec, insecticides-carbo furon cg, chlorpyriphos+ cypermethrin ec, cypermethrin ec, dimethoate ec, ethion ec, endosulfan ec, fenvalerate ec, imidacloprid sl, zinc coated articles, methyl parathion ec, triazophos ec, atrazine wp, isoproturon wp, metribuzin wp, pretilachlor ec etc whih are a major component in pesticide production.