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About Regional chemical laboratory, Bhopal

The Institute has conducted studies on aluminum-graphite-metal matrix synthesizing and characterizing composites and natural fibres. The range of R&D has progressively expanded to include capital disposal (construction products and timber substitutes), mineral handling, evaluation of economic impacts, modeling of energy supplies and issues linked to parts of industrial, mining, sugar mills and heat plants. Other operations of importance included health evaluation, enhancement and error analyzes of aerospace components / systems and creation of lightweight materials / components / products and auto procedures. FEM simulation and modeling have been expanded and in many areas have become an essential component of the research. Through its water modeling, agricultural surface-treated equipment and bell metal artifacts, sisal-fiber handicrafts, fly ash use for agricultural land restoration, etc., it has become a successful rural technology institution dedicated to issues linked to Madhya Pradesh. The current personnel consists of 43 researchers (against 56) who, along with 86 assisting employees, have a good background in various fields and associated fields. Because of the broad range of R&D activities, the number of scientists is planned to grow to 80 shortly. AMPRI is furbished with the most up-to-date facilities in the field of materials synthesizing, processing and characterization of properties such as SEM, pressure-molding machines, semisolid processing units, rollers, melting units etc.