Regional Analytical Laboratory, Kozhikode

Malaparamba, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, 673009



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Regional Analytical Laboratory, Kerala

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The Parliament has promulgated the Food Safety & Standards Act 2006 to unify the country's meat legislation as well as to ensure prompt and inventive adjustments to legislative processes. In contrast to the penally focused PFA Act 1954, the fresh Act is designed to achieve safety in the food industry in the country using self-regulation and therefore promotion of democracy. The Section 30 FSSA will also provide for the effective implementation of FSSA and the other requirements provided for under the Act and its rules and regulations by a Commissioner for Food Safety in all the States. In July 2009, in the State of Kerala, Commissioner for Food Safety was therefore established. The objective of the Department are: · To provide the people of Kerala with safe, safe meals and water and to create healthy eating practices. · To accomplish this goal, the Department seeks to accomplish the previous goals:-Registration / licensing by the Food Business Operators to be brought into the legislative structure of the Food Safety Law and of the Rules / Rules. · Food production, transport, sell and delivery regulations following the requirements of the Food Safety Act and Regulations. · Monitoring and marketing surveillance through samples of foodstuffs with a prospective adulterant danger and consumer knowledge of prospective adulterants in foodstuffs and meat products ' labeling specifications. · To teach and train Food Business operators to conform with the Food Safety Management Systems provided for in the Food Safety Act / Rules / Rules. · Food and Water analysis (Statutory / Private / Monitoring) sample.