Regional Analytical Laboratory, Kerala

Kakkanad,, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, 682030



Legal Type: Government Organisation

Other Branches:

Regional Analytical Laboratory, Kozhikode

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About Regional Analytical Laboratory, Kerala

The regional analytical lab for herbal and aromatic herb is a quality control authorized laboratory developed with economic assistance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. A laboratory with advanced qualitative standardization facilities and assessments of medicinal plants, aromatic oils, coarse drugs and drug formulations. India. India. The laboratory shall identify effective values of significant herbal crops and standardize performance test processes. Analytical facilities are given from here regarding the performance of chosen herbal and ornamental crops. The Station is 60 m above MSL and reflects the typical soil characteristics and agro climatic characteristics of the middle farms of the state of Kerala. Mean rainfall is 3318 mm; with 55.7% of South-West mountain, 28.8% of North-East mountain, 2.4% and 2.4%, the other 2% of pre-MONSA. The average rainy days per year are 166. The average temperatures of maximum and minimum are 32.6 ° C and 20 ° C. The comparative moisture varies from 44% to 95%. The ground is gravely clay, pale gray and well dried and of a good granular composition. It has a pH of 5, 5, a medium level of soil-based carbon, a high level of accessible P2O5 (40 kg ha-1) and a low level of available K2O. The whole region was categorized according to soil capacity ranking into Class IIc, IIIc, IVc & IVcs.