Scope of Accrediation
Carbon Steel & its alloys Testing, Stainless Steel Testing, Low Alloy Steel, Ambient Air Testing, Stack Emission Monitoring Testing, Drinking Water Testing, Surface Water Testing, Ground Water Testing, Construction Water Testing, Water for swimming pool, Effluents & Waste Water Testing,

Accrediation valid upto

About Material Testing Laboratory, Controllerate of Quality Assurance (Special Vehicles)

Material Testing Laboratory, Controllerate of Quality Assurance (Special Vehicles) was established with the firm motive to research and test the quality and assure the material related to special vehicles and to develop further better materials for industry usage. Since its root, the Material Testing Laboratory has developed quite a few acclaimed research and testing techniques that are accepted all over the country. The laboratory is spread over a large area and has state-of-the-art infrastructure. The technology used is modern and the technicians are well-trained and updated about the modern technology. Some of the services provided are chemical testing such as carbon steel & its alloys testing, stainless steel testing, low alloy steel, ambient air testing, stack emission monitoring testing, drinking water testing, surface water testing, ground water testing, construction water testing, water for swimming pool, effluents & waste water testing etc.