Electrical Research and Development Association,Vadodara

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About Electrical Research and Development Association,Vadodara

It is a non-profit governmental organisation which started out in Vadodara, Gujarat and later went on to establish facilities in the states of Maharashtra, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh. It is a premier Testing Calibration, Certification and Research Organization of India, established by the Indian Electrical Industries & Utilities with the support of Government of India. It has integrated facilities for providing services in areas of Certification Testing, Calibration, Research & Development, Residual Life Assessment (RLA), Condition Monitoring, Energy Audits & Management, Third Party Inspection (TPI) & Power Systems to the Indian Electrical & Power Sector and the Industrial Sector. It also has online stations for Short Circuit Testing’, high Voltage Impulse test, Ingress Protection (40 ton capacity), Seismic Testing and mechanical testing. Over 100 types of products are evaluated at ERDA with a customer base of more than 5,000.