CESC Testing Laboratory, Testing Department, CESC Limited

4 Sashi Sekhar Bose Row, Kolkatta, West Bengal, India, 700025





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Scope of Accrediation
Ac Static Watthour Meters Testing, Ac Static Transformer Operated Watt-Hour And Var-Hour Meters Testing, AC Watthour Meters, Class 0.5,1&2 (Electro-Mechanical) Testing, Current Transformers Testing, Voltage Transformers/Capacitor Voltage Transformer Testing, AC Static Transformer Operated Watthour And Varhour Meter Of Class 0.2S, 0.5S, 1.0S Testing, Standardization of AC Static Electrical Energy Meters, Static Meters for Reactive Energy Class 2 & 3, Static Meters for Active Energy class 1& 2,

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About CESC Testing Laboratory, Testing Department, CESC Limited

CESC Limited is a power unit and electric utility and distributing conglomerate based in Kolkata, WB. It has a significant number of power stations throughout the country. The testing facilities offer a wide range of analytical services in electrical discipline. The tests are conducted on energy meters, instrument transformers of metering class and other metering devices. Sm of the set ups engaged in this quality check are ELTEL CT test system, full automatic MTE meters, MTE standalone system, etc. The testing facilities offer services to external users along with the corporation. The tests check for insulation level, leakage, over voltage, starting conditions, repeatability error, load conditions, power consumptions, meter constants, phase and polarity, etc. The organisation is one of the leading and efficient corporates of the country.