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Biscuits, Pizza Base, Frozen Tortilla Wrap, Cakes, Bread, Sugar and Sugar based confectionary- Hard boiled confectionary, Toffees, Lozenges, Fruit Bar - Jellicious, Chewing Gum, Modified Toffees Ecliars, Cofitino, Raw To Processed , Potato Chips, Crisp, Instant Mixture(Gulab Jamun Mix, Rice Dosa Mix, Rice Idli Mix, Rava Idli Mix), Ready to eat food, Tomato Ketchup And Tomato Sauce, Jam Testing, Marmalades, Chillies, Fruits Chutney, Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Fruit Powders, Dehydrated Vegetables, Mango Pulp, Ginger, Garlic(Lahsun), Maida, Wheat, Oats, Atta, Soya Flour, Cocoa Powder, Noodles, Ispaghula Husk Granules, Macaroni Products, Cereals And Pulses Whole (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Chick Pea, Rajma, Bengal Gram, Soya Bean, Dals), Chocolates, Cream, Coffee, Chicory, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder Std. Grade, Whey Powder And Products, Condensed Milk, Sweetened condensed milk, Butter, Butter Oil Or Butter Fat, Dairy Whitener, Ghee, Cheese, Milk & Milk Products, Dextrose Ip, Liquid Glucose, Cornflour(Maize Starch), Malted And Malt Based Foods, Iodized Salt,

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