Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, QA Laboratory, Mumbai

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ATF, Lubricant Testing, HSD, LDO, FO, LSHS, MS, SKO, Solvent, Ethanol Testing, Naphtha Testing, HFHSD, Lubes, Grease Testing,

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About Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, QA Laboratory, Mumbai

Bharat Petroleum started breaking grounds for a glorious heritage in India since 1889, establishing a stringent hold of the industrial development. It marked its development with the commencement of oil production and introduction of LPG as cooking fuel. Besides production and promotion of kerosene, petroleum, etc, the company also pioneered desert road construction, training road engineers, providing free technical services to industrial customers- gradually became the company’s culture. This corporation was incorporated in Mumbai, Maharashtra and conducts chemical testing on petroleum products like motor gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil and lubricants for various tests like viscosity index, acidity, density, freezing point, etc. This firm went beyond just selling its products to educating the customer in the process of its accomplishments and will continue to do so in the descending future.