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Balitikuri Chakpara, Howrah, West Bengal, 711113, India


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Scope of Accrediation
S.No. Instrument Name Range (to & from ) CMC (to & from )
1 Content Type Volumetric Measure 0.1 ml To 200 ml 60.8 μl
2 Burette /Pipette 0.1 ml To 100 ml 16 μl
3 Mass 1 mg To 1 mg 0.08 mg
4 Weighing Balance Readability 0.0001 g 0 g To 210 g 2.1 mg
5 Weighing Balance Readability 0.001 kg 3 kg To 30 kg 5.0 g
6 Compression 10 kN To 1000 kN 0.66 %
7 Tension 100 N To 50 kN 0.57 %
8 Pressure Gauges (Pneumatic) 0 kg/cm² To 7 kg/cm² 0.053 kg/cm²
9 Rockwell Hardness Tester 20 HRC To 70 HRC 0.56 HRC
10 Brinell Hardness Tester 5 HBW To 570 HBW 7 HBW
NOTE: All Symbols and their description

* : Meaurement Capability is expressed as an uncertainty (±) at a Confidence probability of 95 %

$ : Only in Permanent Laboratory

♣ : Only for Site Calibration

# : The laboratory is also capable for site calibration however, the uncertainty at site depends on the prevailing actual environmental conditions and master equipment used

Φ : Laboratory can also Caibrate instruments/devices of coarser resolution/ least count within the accredited range using same reference standard/ master equipment under the scope of accreditation

Accrediation valid upto

About Techno calibration Laboratory Pvt. Ltd

Techno calibration Laboratory Private Limited has been excelling at the calibration job for over 20 years and situated at Howrah, West Bengal. This laboratory ensures that all its delivery projections are met within the specified time duration. Only after properly reviewing every instrument and each procedure, does Techno Calibration laboratory progress with the calibration procedure. They offer mechanical calibration for various quantities like compression and tension force, Rockwell and Brinell hardness testing machine, hydraulic pressure gauge, weighing balance readability, mass, burette, pipette, volume content, coating thickness gauge, external micrometre, Vernier caliper, depth gauge, digimatic indicator, feeler gauge, steel tape, measuring gauge, contraction gauge, steel ball, carbide ball, try square, test sieve, comparator stand, tacho meter, magnehelic gauge, hydrometer, loose weight, RPM, universal testing machine, gauge, jigs, fixtures, conical flask, digital temperature controller, digital temperature indicator, stop watch, dial thermometer, glass thermometer, etc.