VARNI Analytical Laboratory

312, Adharshilla, Penkarpada, Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra, India, 401107




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About VARNI Analytical Laboratory

Varni Analytical lab, established in 2014 provides services like food testing, water testing, testing of fragrance, herbal testing, iron ore testing etc. It provides reliable and cost effective testing facilities. For providing these facilities the lab has been set up at Thane, Maharashtra. It performs chemical testing on materials like cereal and pulses which undergo tests like moisture, fat, alcoholic acidity, starch, carbohydrates test etc., fruits and vegetables which undergo tests like protein, total sugar, pH etc., spices and condiments undergo tests like total ash, crude fibre, salt, added colour etc., milk and milk products undergo tests like fat, urea, carbonates etc., animal feeds undergo tests like crude fat, crude protein, salt etc., ready to eat materials undergo tests like fat, energy etc., bakery products undergo tests like fat, carbohydrate etc., oils and fats undergo tests like iodine value, acid value, refractive index etc., oil seeds and nuts undergo tests like fat, total ash etc., tea and coffee products undergo tests like crude fibre, water extract etc., water undergo tests like pH, alkalinity etc. The lab is equipped with professionals trained in these testing areas.