TBEA Energy (India) Private Limited

, Karjan, Gujarat, India, 391440

02666 660000


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About TBEA Energy (India) Private Limited

TBEA, an enterprise group was established in 1943. It engages in foreign economic, technical co-operations and embarks on national external assistance projects in the fields of transmission, transformation, energy and advanced materials. The laboratory at Karjan, Gujarat develops high standards in cross linked cables, electronic aluminium foil and photovoltaic products. The lab performs electrical testing on transformers and reactors and cossets in several electrical and physical tests of these. This firm is patronizing in the electrical sector with twenty-seven offices in the overseas markets of America, Russia, Brazil, etc. Its rigorous approach towards sustainability benefits contemporary societies as a whole. TBEA is known to tackle malfunctions with professionalism and authenticity. Its mission is to connect the world leaving no stone unturned.