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Office of the Director, WSSO,PHED, Betkuchi, Guwahati, Assam, India, 781035



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In fish farms and in the wild fish community, disease is the main factor affecting growth. Control of aquatic animal welfare includes the detection, diagnosis and treatment of fish and other aquatic organisms with diseases. Aquatic Animal Health State Referral Laboratory discusses, in addition to carrying out disease control in the natural water sources, the medical needs of farmers conducting aquaculture throughout the state. The facility has state-of - the-art testing equipment for the specialized evaluation of diseases of fish and shells of industrial importance. The laboratory has well-trained staff who are exposed to diagnosis, research and training internationally. The objectives are as follows: 1) Enlargement of full support–comprehensive research and treatment of pathogens of aquatic organisms for fish farmers in water-quality studies, microbiosis and molecular diagnosis. 2) Monitor and monitor the prevalence of diseases across the state in aquaculture. 3) Build cost-effective diagnostics of market significance of known and developing diseases. 4) To conduct research to develop suitable scientific, eco-friendly and practical solutions for aquatic farmers on existing and emerging issues related to aquatic animal health. 5) Offer training in field level and advanced methods of commercial disease diagnosis to hatchery workers and farmers. 6) Dissemination of disease management practices through ICT tools, trainings, on - the-spot demonstrations on the prevention and control of illnesses in aquaculture.