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About State Level Water Testing Laboratory, Bihar

Improved water supplies and sanitation and services, especially for rural households, are crucial for improving public health and improving human development outcomes. While the State of Bihar has shown impressive results in providing its rural households with safe drinking water, more changes in quantity, performance, equity, and sustainability are expected. Besides, there is a clear need, especially in rural areas, for better sanitation. New initiatives must be undertaken in a mission mode to address these problems in a consistent, concerted and urgent manner. New sustainable water supply and sanitation schemes, together with effective operation and maintenance, must be implemented on time. In all levels, from the preparation and training to the operation and maintenance of such projects, Public involvement is also required. The functions of State Level Testing Laboratory of Bihar are as follows: 1) Ensuring safe water exposure. 2) Availability of rural drinking water and production of sanitation. 3) The reliability of drinking water supply continuously tracked. 4) Ensuring community participation in clean water and sanitation systems. 5) Water and hygienic sector reform.