SQAE (ME), Aruvankadu Testing Laboratory

Aruvankadu, The Nilgiris, Aruvankadu, Tamil Nadu, India, 643202




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About SQAE (ME), Aruvankadu Testing Laboratory

SQAE-Senior Quality Assurance Establishment functions under the aegis of DGQA- Directorate General Quality Assurance which handles production activities related to the Ministry of defence. The SQAE in Aruvankadu Tamil Nadu comprises of a Testing Laboratory which is responsible for ensuring the military explosives that are to be used by the defence sector of the country are of the utmost quality. For that, the facility is equipped with the most modern and advanced technologies and instruments for conducting chemical and mechanical testing. Chemical composition of explosive chemicals and allied materials are examined in the facility. Since it is entrusted with such a crucial responsibility SQAE never falls short of maintaining highest quality standards in its procedures.