Soil Testing Laboratory

Dibrugarh University, Dibrugarh, Assam, India, 786004

0373- 2371040


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About Soil Testing Laboratory

Soil is one of the most significant and homogenous elements of the geography that takes millions of years to form. This substance is used in a variety of ways by humankind, however, not every soil is found perfect for any kind of work. Even though some type of soil is an absolute fit for a particular work, there is a need for a thorough examination before its employment. Hence, Soil Testing Laboratory stands as one outstanding company that provides a number of services in the name of soil testing. The wide range of services provided by Soil Testing Laboratory includes tests like density test, consistency testing, organic matter testing, proctor compaction testing, sulfate, plasticity, and many other types of testings. Soil Testing Laboratory might not be recognized as one of the best firms in the industry but the excellence and professional work ethics followed by timely delivery make it one good company.