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Fabric Testing, Yarn Testing, Garments Testing, Fibre Testing, Plastics, Rubbers, Metal Testing, Print/ Coatings, Cast Iron Alloy, Tool Steel Testing, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper & its alloy, Aluminium Alloy Testing, Zinc & Zinc Alloy Testing, Toys and other articles intended for use by Children, Ceramic ware, Glass ware, Stoneware, Pewter, Paints Testing,

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About SGS India Private Limited, Testing Laboratory – Consumer and Retails

Consumer Testing Services Laboratory was established in 1952. Its facility conduce all the testing and related services. It determines what explicit tests are to be performed on products submitted for testing. The laboratory is independent and assures all significant criteria are meticulously evaluated. With its well-equipped instruments, it is positioned in Gurgaon, Haryana. The lab executes chemical testing on textile and textile auxiliaries, metal accessories like textile and garments, plastics and resins, polymeric compounds, dye, colorants and dye intermediates and leather and leather accessories. The most important asset of the laboratory is continued customer’s patronage. Also, it delivers accurate, comprehensive and meaningful information, quality-assurance of products, provides honest and unbiased test results always and is committed to exceed its customer’s expectations in years to come.