Scope of Accrediation
Tetrazene, Lead Styphnate,

Accrediation valid upto

About Senior Quality Assurance Establishment (ARMTS), Chemical Laboratory

It is an undertaking of ARMTS limited with corporate offices in Maharashtra and the test facilities in Kolkata, West Bengal. The test fields in the general stores are broadly classified into three groups namely chemical, biological and mechanical. The tests in chemical discipline are carried out on drugs and pharmaceuticals, industrial and fine chemicals, leather and leather products, metals and alloys, paints and surface coating, petroleum products, rubber and rubber products, textiles and similar products, etc. Mechanical tests are conducted on materials used for building, metals, textile related products. Biological tests are performed on biocides such as disinfectants, pharmaceuticals such as natural drugs and antibiotics, etc. The test facilities are equipped with set ups to determine the composition and other features. The services are first class and has been standing tall in providing efficient customer services.