Sai Industrial & Metallurgical Labs

S.No. 5-7-9 / 6A, Sangeet Nagar, Kukatpally , Hyderabad Urban, Andhra Pradesh, India, 500072



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Scope of Accrediation
Ferrous Materials, Alloys & Products Testing, Non-Ferrous Material Testing, Welded Plates & Pipes Testing, Cladding Plates Testing, Fasteners (Bolt & Nut) Testing, Tubes/Pipes Testing,

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About Sai Industrial & Metallurgical Labs

Sai Industrial & Metallurgical Labs, established in 1996, is a committed service provider in the testing of metallurgical samples. It has 20 years of experience for the quality analysis of the metals, alloys and their products. The laboratory is located in Kukuatpally, Telangana. It provides the facility of mechanical testing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, welded materials, clad plates, bolts and nuts. Various mechanical properties like bend, hardness, strength, etc. can be tested with high precision. Also, the laboratory is equipped to test for the elemental composition and contamination in low alloy steels, cast iron, aluminum alloys, copper based alloys and austenitic stainless steel.