RITES Eastern Region Laboratory, QA-Division

56, C. R. Avenue, (3rd Floor), Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700012





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Scope of Accrediation
Steel Products including steel casting, Plain Carbon & Low Alloy Steels Testing, High Alloy Steel, Cast Iron Testing, SG Iron Testing, Copper & its alloy, Aluminium Alloy Testing, Rubbers, Textile Testing, Paints Testing, Zinc Coated Iron Testing, Zinc Coating on Steel Products Testing, Tin coating on Iron Steel Nickel Alloy, Lead Coating on Aluminium,

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About RITES Eastern Region Laboratory, QA-Division

RITES eastern region lab, established in 1974 which is a multi-disciplinary consultancy services in the field of Transport, Infrastructure and related technologies is committed towards ensuring quality and hence has set up a lab. For providing these services the lab is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. The lab conducts chemical testing on materials like Steels Products Including Steel casting, Copper & Copper Base Alloys, Aluminum & Aluminum Base Alloys, Rubber, Textiles, Paints, Lead Coating on Aluminum etc. which undergo tests like Identification of Rubber (Natural/Synthetic), Volume Swelling, Dimensional change, Ash Content, Carbon, Manganese, Silicon and many more. The lab also conducts mechanical testing on materials like Paints, Rubber, Textiles, Cast Iron, Steel etc., which undergo tests like Consistency, Flash Point, Wet Opacity, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Moisture Content, Micro Structure and many more. Laboratory is committed to provide reliable testing and good professional practices, as per the needs of its clients.