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About Regional Test Centre for Solar Thermal Devices, NIT Silcharg

SPRERI is located 5 kilometers from Anand, the milk city of India, in Vallabh Vidyanagar. It was appointed after Sardar Patel, the ance of which is in the neighboring village of Karamsad. Vallabh Vidyanagar is well connected by train and road, 75 km from Ahmedabad and 40 km from Vadodara. The two airports connect Ahmedabad and Vadodara. In January 1979, as a consequence of an effort made by a team of foresighted individuals under the leadership of Late Dr. H.M. Patel and Late Shri Nanubhai Amin, Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute (SPRERI) was set up. Their Mission is to be a leader in the development of techniques and collaborations that can be implemented in India and emerging nations in the field of renewables Provide instruction, advice and general knowledge management in the renewable energy field. The Sphere will be an organization that develops environmentally friendly and effective renewable energy technologies for the company. SPRERI is an autonomous non-profits organization registered as a corporation under the Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860, as well as a public trust under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950, for the purpose of Article 35(1) of the 1961 Income Tax Act, and has been recognized to be a Research Association (RIP) for the purpose of Clause (ii) of Section 35. India. India. It is known by S.P. Vallabh Vidyanagar University, Junagadh University of Agriculture, Junagadh University, Nirma Universität, Ahmedabad Center of Technology and doctoral studies.