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About Quality Control Lab, IOCL (AOD)

Oil plays an important role in stimulating the socio-economic growth of the nation, with more than 33,000 people, comprehensive refining, production & marketing facilities and sophisticated R&D installations. In the previous six centuries, Indian oil has given millions of individuals across the nation access to the energy sector through the ever-growing network of about 50,000 client tactiles with a mandate to guarantee India's energy security and self-sufficiency in the refinement & marketing of oil goods. The key company of Indian oil consisted of oil products refining, transportation, and marketing. Over the years, the company has increased its activities across the hydrocarbon value chain, in line with India's increasing demand for energy–upstream into oil & gas, and downstream into petrochemicals, as well as diversified into natural gas and alternatives to energy resources. Overseas operations of IndianOil in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, the UAE, Singapore, the USA, Myanmar, and Bangladesh continue to grow overseas. The 24/7 engagement of Indian oil people to maintain all sections of the huge country well provided with vital petroleum products. Over the year, Indian oil has continued to be dominant on the national market, covering all of LPG, petrol, diesel, CNG, aviation fuels, lubricants, naphtha, oven oil, specialty products, etc. In the year the network has been extended to more than 50 000 points of contact for customers.