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About Quality Assurance Department, Gharda Chemicals Ltd.

Gharda had been developed in the year 1964 and since then they have been catering to the agro chemical industry. Their laboratory is situated in Dombivali, Mumbai, where they undertake specialized wet chemical testing services. They primarily conduct testing services on pharmaceuticals items and drugs and for that purpose they are equipped with state of the art technologically advanced instruments. Few of these instruments include analytical balances, gas chromatographers (with TCD, FID, NPD, ECD and GCD) HPLC units( with UV visible , RI and fluorescence detectors), UV visible spectrometer, FTIR spectrometer, HPTLC, element analyzer, GS/MS, NMR, service area measurement equipment, thermal analytical equipment SEC and high temperature SEC. Gharda Chemicals aims to bring about revolutionary innovations in the agro chemicals industry through providing quality products and ensuring excellent services.