Pesticide Residue Testing Laboratory, Krishibhavan, Pune

Krishibhavan, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411005



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Pesticide Residue Testing Laboratory, Nagpur
Scope of Accrediation
Fruits and vegetables products,
Accrediation valid upto

About Pesticide Residue Testing Laboratory, Krishibhavan, Pune

To ensure safety of the agricultural food products we consume, it becomes necessary to check for the absence of harmful pesticides residues. Pesticide Residue Testing Laboratory, established in Pune, aims at improving the quality of fruits and vegetables by testing them for the various organochlorine groups, organophosphorus groups, synthetic pyrethroid group, carmate group, carbaryl group, pyrimidine group, triazole group, imidazole group, oxazole group, nicotinamide group, aliphatic nitrogen fungicide group, morpholine group, substituted thiourea group, benzophenyl urea group, strobilurin group, pyrazole group, dinitroaniline group, anilide group and other chemical groups found in pesticides. Grapes, tomato, capsicum and cabbage are specifically tested in this laboratory.