Modern Testing Services (India) Private Limited

New Siva Towers, No. 229-230, Kumaran Road, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India, 641601

0421 4243015

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Modern Testing Services (Bangladesh) Ltd.
Modern Testing Services (India) Private Limited, Bangalore
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About Modern Testing Services (India) Private Limited

In the uncertain waves of evolving regulative necessities, Modern Testing Services, LLC (“MTS”) has been the sensible flare that’s navigated our clients across the unsure water supply, sourcing and demand. An association with MTS build up the supply chain potency by utilizing decades of technical experience, business best practices, and artistic solutions necessary to maintain industry advantage. Modern Testing Services is an international, strategic partner for quick, accurate, and price effective quality assurance solutions within the product business. Implementing the expertise throughout the sourcing method increase our speed-to-market potency, decrease prices, and put our products at higher position fulfilling client satisfaction. MTS is committed to serve clients through the world. Other than China, HongKong, we have three branches in India-Tirupur, Noida and Banglore.