Mineral & Metal Testing Services

T-21, Shanti Sneha Complex, Ajani Square, Wardha Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, 440015




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About Mineral & Metal Testing Services

An emerging laboratory for the chemical testing of various metals and alloys, Mineral & Testing Services came into being in 2012 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This laboratory specializes in characterizing the metals and their alloys by testing for the content of elements like carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, chromium, molybdenum, nickel, aluminium, magnesium, tin, lead, copper, vanadium, phosphorus, nitrogen and titanium with high precision and great accuracy. Metals being tested in the lab ranges from low alloy steels to stainless steel; from cast iron to aluminium and copper. It is a reliable service provider and well known for its quality testing.