LPG Equipment Research Centre

Opp. I.T.I. Main Gate, P.B.No. 1618, Dooravaninagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560016




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Scope of Accrediation
Plain Carbon & Low Alloy Steels Testing, Brass sample for SC Valves, Zamac Alloy for Regulators, Rubbers, Synthetic Rubber Testing, Nitrile Testing, Poly Vinyl Chloride Resin, Nylon, Polyacetal, PVC,

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About LPG Equipment Research Centre

The LPG equipment research centre otherwise known as LERC has been working with dedication since last 24 years to ensure safe and economic usage of LPG, a major fossil fuel product by ensuring a safe containing surrounding. It takes on tests in mechanical and chemical disciplines although all kinds of tests mainly revolving around the LPG undertaking. The mechanical tests assess the quality of rubber, fibre and similar materials used in gas valves and stoves before and after manufacturing by testing tensile strength, elongation, extent of leakage, etc. Whereas the chemical tests undertake two tasks, first is to test the quality of alloy which are used in making of gas tanks and the second being tests conducted n LPG to determine its physical and chemical properties. The organisation works along three public sector oil giants of our country namely The Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum.