Scope of Accrediation
Coal Testing, Coke Testing, Iron Ore Testing, Manganese Ore Testing, Limestone Testing, Dolomite, Gypsum and Its products, Mill Scale Testing, Barytes,

Accrediation valid upto

About Inspectorate Griffith India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Laboratory

Inspector Griffith India Private Limited a renowned technical consultation, testing, analysis and inspection oriented organisation dealing in the chemical discipline. Major commodities that are tested here are petroleum products, coal and coke and agro based products. After establishing centres and laboratories in cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Kutch and Vizag now it has stared operations in Bhubaneswar. The tests conducted on petroleum products are aimed at finding out moisture, carbon and other chemical contents, flash, freezing, ignition points, conductivity, viscosity and calorific values, etc. Their highly qualitative produce and timely operation has enabled them to expand globally and sustain in Europe, US, Russia and Asia.