ICL Calibration And Testing Services

SCO-37, Ground Floor, Sector-12, Panchkula, Haryana, India, 134109

0172-2570283, 257025


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About ICL Calibration And Testing Services

ICL Calibration and Testing Services was established with an aim to become a key player in Testing and Calibration services. It has been serving several clients satisfactorily since its inception. The laboratory operates from Panchkula, Haryana. It is growing its client base and evolving its calibration techniques to set a benchmark in calibration service domain. It mainly offers Mechanical Calibration for MASS (Weights, Spring Balance, Weighing Machine) for VOLUME (Micropipette, Pipette / Burette / Beaker, Measuring Cylinder / Volumetric Flask) for DENSITY (Density of Liquids) for PRESSURE & VACUUM (Hydraulic Pressure Dial Pressure Gauges, Pneumatic Pressure, etc.) for TORQUE (Torque Wrench) ACCELERATION & SPEED (Speed :Tachometer Digital/Analog) for DIMENSION (Length Bar / Setting Rod, External Micrometer, Dial Bore Gauge, Dial Bore Indicator, Thread Pitch Gauge etc.) for ACOUSTICS (Sound Level Meter) and several other related calibration services. It follows national and international standards and norms. It is an NABL accredited laboratory.