GE Light Technology Design Center

# 42/1 & 45/14, Electronic City, Phase-2 , Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India, 560100



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About GE Light Technology Design Center

GE light technology design centre, founded in 1911 which is a digital industrial company is committed towards ensuring quality and hence has set up a lab. For providing these services the lab is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. The lab conducts electrical testing on materials like Fixed General Purpose Luminaire, Road & Street Light Luminaires, Flood Lights, Method of Electrical & Photometric Measurements of Solid State Lighting (LED) Products and many more. Few of the tests which these materials undergo are like Endurance Test and Thermal Test, Resistance to Dust and Moisture, Resistance to Heat, Photometry Test, Total Luminous Flux Measurement, Colour Characteristics, Luminous Efficacy and many more. The lab is well-equipped with modern technology machinery to provide accurate and reliable services.