Cleenviron Private Limited

D-124, Koelnagar, Rourkela, Orissa, India, 769014



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Scope of Accrediation
Noise Ambient and source testing, Stack Emission Monitoring Testing, Ambient Air Testing, Soil, Effluents & Waste Water Testing, Potable water,

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About Cleenviron Private Limited

Cleenviron Private Limited is a private company that was incorporated in 1997. It is located at Rourkela, Orissa. The Cleenviron Private Limited has a laboratory for chemical testing facilities. The types of chemical testing facilities provided are suspended particulate matter, PM 2.5, PM 10, sulfur dioxide content, nitrogen oxides content, ammonia content, ozone content, lead content etc., in ambient air or fugitive emissions and stack emissions. They also perform tests like color, turbidity, pH, total hardness, sulfate, chloride, phosphate, iron, etc., on water bodies like portable and domestic water, bore water, and irrigation water. Furthermore, they also perform environmental and pollution check tests like pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, etc., on effluent particles, and tests like electrical conductivity, organic carbon, available potassium and phosphorous on soil. They also perform Noise Ambient and source detection tests like Sound pressure level leq of ambient and source. Cleenviron Private Limited laboratory is NABL IOS/IEC 17025:2005 accredited.