Chandigarh Pollution Testing Laboratory

E-126, Phase VII, Industrial Area, Mohali, Mohali, Punjab, India, 160055

West Bengal



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Scope of Accrediation
Surface Water Testing, Ground Water Testing, Waste Water Testing, Ambient Air Testing, Stack Emission Monitoring Testing, Soil Testing,
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About Chandigarh Pollution Testing Laboratory

Chandigarh is a well planned city in India with careful administration of cleanliness and proper management of the city’s resources. Pollution control is one of the aspects that have to be kept in focus to keep the city clean and healthy. Chandigarh Pollution Testing Laboratory has undertaken the responsibility to ensure that the scarce resources being used are managed diligently and are not lost to reckless use and pollution. Pollution caused to water, air and the atmosphere are tested in this state of the technologically advanced facility to ensure that pollutants and contaminants are below permissible limits. Chemical testing is undertaken on surface water, waste water, air, atmosphere and gases. They are driven not only towards satisfying their customers but to keep up with their social responsibilities.