Central Military Veterinary Laboratory (CMVL)

Sardhana Road, Meerut Cant, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, 250001

0121 – 2644026


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Scope of Accrediation
Bovines Serum (Biological), Equines Serum (Biological), Canines Serum (Biological), Urine samples of Bovines (Biological), Urine samples of Equines (Biological), Urine Samples of Canines (Biological), Animal Feed Testing (Biological), Blood Samples from Equines (Biological), Blood Samples from Canines (Biological), Blood Samples from Bovines (Biological), Blood Smears from Equines (Biological), Blood Smears from Canines (Biological), Blood Smears from Bovines (Biological), Fecal samples from Equines (Biological), Fecal samples from Canines (Biological), Fecal samples from Bovines (Biological), Scrap Skin of Animals (Biological), Morbid Tissue form Animals (Biological), Brain TIssue from Animals (Biological), Serum Sample (Biological), Clinical Samples from equines (Biological), Clinical Samples from Canines (Biological), Clinical Samples from Bovines (Biological), Clinical specimens from diseased animals (Biological), Clinical specimens of Cattle (Biological),

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About Central Military Veterinary Laboratory (CMVL)

Central Military Veterinary Laboratory functions under the aegis of the Remount Veterinary Corps, Indian Armed forces. The laboratory is responsible for the health and welfare of the animals working for the Indian Armed Forces. It undertakes research relating to diseases, diagnosis, investigation, epidemiological studies physiological anomalies and nutrition for animals. For that they have established a testing facility Meerut Cantt. U.P. The facility is equipped with latest technological developments to conduct biological testing. The veterinarian testing of the facility extents to conducting usual biochemistry testing, animal nutrition testing, haematology, parasitology, pathology, serology, virology, molecular biology and bacteriology. The laboratory has been successfully operating since the year 2009.