Bharatpur Coal Analysis Laboratory (BCAL),

c/o Project Officer, Bharatpur Open Cast Project Office, MCL, Nehru Shatabdi Nagar, , Angul, Orissa, India, 759148

06760 – 261107

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Bharatpur Coal Analysis Laboratory

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About Bharatpur Coal Analysis Laboratory (BCAL),

It is located in Orissa with NABL accreditations excelling in coal testing that are utilized mainly for characterization, commercial grading or assigning ranks and deciding the utilization for different purposes. There are basically two types of analysis conducted on coal, one of Proximate Analysis and the other is Ultimate Analysis. These tests determine different parameters and the results from Proximate Analysis determine the rank of coal and some important indicators related to the commercial value of coal, like heating/calorific value and application in boilers. This lab conducts testing of coal, coke and other fuels as per various national and international standards in scrupulous manner ensuring flawless accuracy in the test results. It has experience in the testing and determination of coal and its various by products.