Assam Hallmarking Centre

Department of Industries & Commerce Government of Assam Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidam, Bamunimaidam, Assam, India,


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About Assam Hallmarking Centre

Indians are fond of jewellery made from precious metals and apart from that jewels form a significant part of our traditional customs and practices. Purity of these metals can only be established by a standards set by the hallmarking centres in the country. The hallmarking centres testify that the quality of the metal is pure and does not contain excessive fillers against the pre-determined the standards. One such centre is situated in Assam, which is equipped with all the latest equipment and instruments that are capable of determining the purity and value. Assam hallmarking Centre specifically undertakes the chemical testing of gold jewels and artefact to determine their carat, which is a unit to measure the amount of fillers used in the metal. Hallmarking centres are trusted to determine the quality of precious metals