Ankit Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.

No. 297, Haragadde Village, Road No. 4, Jigni Industrial Estate, Phase-1,, Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India, 562106


8110 415662

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About Ankit Fasteners Pvt. Ltd.

Ankit Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. Is a dedicated & well-known name in aerospace fasteners manufacturing. Its base of operations is in Bangalore. It is a joint venture between Ankit Group, Bangalore and LISI Aerospace, Paris, France. Ankit Group has over 35 years of experience in fastener manufacturing in India. LISI Aerospace, part of the LISI group, is one of the largest manufacturer of Aerospace Fasteners in the world. Today’s LISI can trace its roots back to several families owned faster businesses dating back to 1777. LISI entered the aerospace business in 1951. More recently, LISI has gathered several well-known names under its umbrella such as Hi-Shear, Hi-Shear Fasteners Europe, St Chamond Granat, Blanc Aero, A1 Technologies, Fasteners Technology Bestas and Monadnock. Continuous Improvement has been the key to the success of Ankit Fasteners. Their commitment to all their stake holders, i.e. Customers, Vendors, Employees and shareholders is to surpass stakeholder expectations by defining measuring and continuously improving their processes and systems.