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ReadyMED Culture Media Supplier

Dear Sir, This is in reference with your email regarding above mentioned subject & thank you for the same. Chaitanya Group of Industries is a well-known name in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Agriculture, Animal feed and Bacteriological media ingredients since last 35 years. Providing our customers with good quality ingredients has always been our motto. In our endeavour to supply good quality products to our customers, we have recently moved a step forward by developing high quality high performance, cost effective media formulations for laboratory testing, sterility testing, antibiotic efficacy testing, industrial fermentation, probiotics, antibiotics and enzyme manufacturing, bio-fertilizers etc. under the brand name ReadyMED after providing our 100s of satisfied customers with high quality peptones, tryptones, casamino acids, yeast extract and other media ingredients in bulk. We have a well-equipped research and development laboratory infrastructure with highly qualified staff developing these products under the guidance of well qualified and experienced management. We can offer customized culture media as per the customer’s requirements. Today, getting good culture medium for optimum cell growth is the biggest challenge. The ReadyMED range has been developed keeping these facts under consideration. The products range has been developed through 35 years of experience in the field of biotechnology. ReadyMED is a unique ready solution for all the problems related to cell growth and yields of microbial metabolites and is one of the important factors to cut down the cost of production. The ReadyMED range guarantees high performance as compared to the current market standards and stands out as a result of consistent performance without variations in quality. ReadyMED is a range which offers a unique proposition wherein our customers can cut down on efforts of formulating their own media with a threat of media performance which consumes a lot of time and money. By using ReadyMED range, all these problems can be overcome and the result would be enhanced performance in terms of growth of bio-mass and metabolites resulting into higher yields and increased cost efficiency thus ultimately giving an edge over the competition as a result of enhanced profitability using the same infrastructure. ReadyMED is a ready-made solution for the fermentation and biotechnology industries. We also offer tailor-made products as per the customer’s requirement. ReadyMED is available in packaging of 500 g, 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg and 25 Kg packaging to serve the various purposes of industry. We are also looking for channel partners for distribution and marketing for the ReadyMED range. Please feel free to contact below person for further details. Dr . Vikas Likhitkar G.M. 08208650655 09823563605 Chaitanya Agrobiotech Pvt. Lt d . Mumbai. India

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