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Hosur-Thally Road, Belagondapalli, Hosur, Tamil Nadu, 635114, India

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Scope of Accrediation
S.No. Instrument Name Range (to & from ) CMC (to & from )
1 Caliper L.C. 0.01mm$ 0 mm To 600 mm 11.0 μm
2 Height Gauge L.C. 0.01 mm$ 0 mm To 600 mm 12.0 μm
3 External Micrometer L.C. 0.001 mm$ 0 mm To 50 mm 1.24 μm
4 Feeler Gauge $ 0.02 mm To 2 mm 2.8 μm
5 Dial Gauge (Plunger Type) L.C. 0.001 mm$ 0 mm To 1 mm 3.2 μm
6 Dial Gauge (Plunger Type) L.C. 0.01mm$ 0 mm To 10 mm 6.5 μm
7 Dial Gauge (Lever Type) 0.001mm$ 0 mm To 0.2 mm 3.2 mm
8 Dial Gauge (Lever Type) L.C. 0.01 mm$ 0 mm To 0.8 mm 6.5 μm
9 Plain Plug Gauge$ 2 mm To 100 mm 2.4 μm
10 Measuring Pins$ 0.3 mm To 20 mm 2.3 μm
NOTE: All Symbols and their description

* : Meaurement Capability is expressed as an uncertainty (±) at a Confidence probability of 95 %

$ : Only in Permanent Laboratory

♣ : Only for Site Calibration

# : The laboratory is also capable for site calibration however, the uncertainty at site depends on the prevailing actual environmental conditions and master equipment used

Φ : Laboratory can also Caibrate instruments/devices of coarser resolution/ least count within the accredited range using same reference standard/ master equipment under the scope of accreditation

Accrediation valid upto

About Harita Seating Systems Limited

Harita Seating Systems Limited was started to serve clients across automotive industries who need quality calibration services for seating systems. It is located in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The laboratory has latest technologies and tools to provide complete seating solutions at one place. Mechanical and Automobile engineers are a part of the laboratory who help develop and calibrate seating systems. It provides various mechanical calibration services in the related field such as DIMENSION (CALIPERS, HEIGHT GAUGE VERNIER, EXTERNAL MICROMETER, FEELER GAUGE, PLUNGER DIAL GAUGES, LEVER DIAL GAUGE, PLAIN PLUG GAUGE, CYLINDRICAL MEASURING PINS/ WIRES as well as THREAD PLUG GAUGE ( Major & Effective Dia) and several others seating system related calibration. The laboratory is unique in its own right as it deals primarily with seating systems. It has been growing ever since its inception. It also received the title “CV Component of the Year - 2013” award from the reputed company Apollo Tyres. The laboratory is also an NABL accredited service provider.