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Evaporated Condensed Milk Testing (Biological), Skimmed Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Whole Milk Powder Testing (Biological), Ice Cream Mix Powder Testing (Biological), Fruit juices Testing (Biological), Fruit jams Testing (Biological), sauces Testing (Biological), Concentrates Testing (Biological), Canned Corned Beef Testing (Biological), Canned Luncheon Meat Testing (Biological), Canned Cooked Ham Testing (Biological), Canned Chicken Testing (Biological), Canned Mutton Testing (Biological), Goat Meat Testing (Biological), Frozen Mutton Testing (Biological), Frozen Chicken Testing (Biological), Frozen Goat Meat Testing (Biological), Frozen Buffalo Meat Testing (Biological), Milk Testing (Biological), Cheese Testing (Biological), Panner Or Chnna Testing (Biological), Shrikhand Testing (Biological), Edible Casein Product Testing (Biological), Tea Testing (Biological), Coffee Testing (Biological), Cocoa Products Testing (Biological), Milk and Dairy Products Testing (Biological), Alcoholic beverages Testing (Biological), Animal Feed Testing (Biological), Bakery & Confectionery Products Testing (Biological), Fruit & Fruit Products Testing (Biological), Vegetable and vegetable products Testing (Biological), Herbs,spices and condiments Testing (Biological), Nuts & Nuts Products Testing (Biological), Canned and processed food Testing (Biological), Ready to eat food Testing (Biological), Meat & Meat Products Testing (Biological), Poultry and poultry products Testing (Biological), Sugar Products Testing (Biological), Sugar Bolied Confectionary Testing (Biological), Snacks and instant mixes Testing (Biological), Herbal Tea Testing (Biological), Packaged Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Packaged Natural Mineral Water Testing (Biological), Drinking Water Testing (Biological), Water For Processed Food Testing (Biological), Water For Swimming Pool Testing (Biological), Waste Water Testing (Biological), Effluent And Sewage water Testing (Biological), Body/Skin Cream Testing (Biological), Hair Oil And Hair Products Testing (Biological), Eye Care Testing (Biological), Finished Products Testing (Biological),
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About SGS India Private Limited, Multi Laboratory Services, Haryana

SGS specializes in inspection, testing, verification and certification services and through years has stretched their presence countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. They practically cater to all industries with more than 1650 offices in different nations and a workforce of more than 80, 000 employees. In their branch located in Gurgaon, Haryana they offer chemical and biological testing of various products which includes water, cosmetics, essential oils, drugs, pharmaceuticals, food, agricultural products and gases and atmosphere. They have operated in India through numerous facilities more than 5 decades, in which they have not only focussed in pleasing their clients through their commitment but also have stepped forward to fulfil the societal expectations.